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Funny faces is a very amusing and exciting game with a puzzle theme
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Funny faces is a very amusing and exciting game which has been developed in a very intelligent manner to give it a puzzle theme. The players have to just pop the balls and twist the funny faces to score points. Balls can be popped out by clicking on them, once they are in a regular cluster together. The funny faces are twisted to get the similar coloured balls together. This game has four different types of stages which give exciting, amusing and challenging gameplay experience to its users. Each level has a different theme and strategy which gets more tough as the game progresses. Players will have to use strategy and techniques for popping more and more in the Classic Gameplay mode. In the timed mode the users will have to pop as fast as they can to get the highest score in a 120 seconds time limit. The Clear-the-board mode asks the player to clear a single board of tokens in a more strategic manner. The Relax mode is a lenient mode in which the player just have to pop for relaxing fun. The main advantage of this game is that it is very exciting and small in size.

Neeraj Joshi
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